What do all the different background colours mean?

Most graphs (depending on your log) will have different colour stripes in the background. These different colours represent different flight modes.

The modes the different colours represent are listed below

  •    Altitude Hold
  •    Stabilize
  •    Loiter
  •    PosHold
  •    Return To Launch
  •    Land
  •    Auto
  •    Manual
  •    Fly By Wire A (Plane)

These apply to every graph, apart from the IMU vibrations graph. This has no background colour due to the large amount of data being plotted

If there is a white strip in your graph this means the log contains a mode that ArduPlotter does not know about. If this is the case you may wish to inform us that your log has new mode(s).

Why does my log graph have a white stripe at the beginning when I have used a mode listed above?

Some versions of ArduPilot do not report the initial starting mode in the log. It is therefore impossible to work out what mode you have used from the log.